Amek Toys is established in 1997. Today our company is a leader in both manufacturing and selling plush toys in Bulgaria.Through the past few years our strategy for growth gave the beginning of a successful development with constant pace on the international markets as well.
We believe that our children deserve to have toys with high quality. Our aim is to provide them with safe plush toys for their play and in that way help them to develop in social and emotional aspect. All products with the brand Amek toys meet the European standards for quality as this ensures our customer of the high quality of our toys.

Amek toys has it’s own design studio, in which young and talented people create the design of our toys following the current tendencies. Our company’s portfolio includes more than 2000 models, which are made of high quality polyester materials or natural ones as cotton and flax.

As of our/ Amek toys’/ experience on the market, we do understand the needs and the expectations of our customers. Each new toy is carefully designed, modern and as well safe.