Instructions for cleaning stuffed toys

As an experienced manufacturer of stuffed toys we could share our experience in maintaining the products bearing the Amek brand. There are two well-established and proven methods that are successfully applied to our toys.
The first method is by surface cleaning with a hypoallergenic detergent (suitable for washing baby clothes). Make a solution with water and a little preparation. Treat the contaminated surface with this solution by applying it with a soft sponge. Then dry with a dry cloth and finish with a hairdryer. To reach the maximum softness of the plush, at the end brush it with a fine brush.

The second method depends on the size of the toy. First check with the textile label if there is a symbol allowing machine washing up to 30° C. In the presence of such, if the toy is small, it can be washed directly, but if it is larger one, it goes through several successive steps. Our stuffed toys have a hand stitch that is usually located on the back. By cutting this stitch you can quickly and easily remove its filling. If the toy has accessories that can easily be removed, remove them as well. This leaves only a covering, a skin that can be washed in a washing machine, centrifuged and also passed through the dryer. Check the textile label for the appropriate degrees of washing. After the covering has dried, fill it with the removed filler and stitch it again. To reach the maximum softness of the plush, at the end brush it with a fine brush.

And remember – you should not iron or bleach toys.
We hope this information was useful to you.