Terms & Conditions

1. The bearfactory.com website is an internet shop owned by PLUSHENIIGRACHKI.BG Ltd.
2. The website provides information, online ordering, purchase and delivery of toys.
3. These general terms and conditions provide information to users about their rights, limitations and responsibilities when using the information and services on the website. Any user working with the website is bound by the rules of these terms and conditions from the moment they enter the website until they leave it.
4. PLUSHENIIGRACHKI.BG Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to the data and conditions without prior notice.
1. An order can be made from different categories in the online store where there are posted articles. Each item has a short, detailed description, weight, product options, photo and price.
2. The price shown is for 1 piece in BGN and includes VAT. The delivery price is not included in the price of the product.
3. When ordering, the user should specify the basic parameters requested, according to the options given in the online store. The user must indicate a name, an address, a telephone number and an e-mail for order confirmation. This is the only way to begin the procedure for its fitting. Failure to fill in the feedback fields or the publication of false, incorrect or inaccurate information does not bind the company with the obligation to perform the order and delivery.
4. The user undertakes to confirm or reject the order made on his/her behalf and to clarify all the details of the order after a PLUSHENIIGRACHKI.BG’s consultant contacts him/her by telephone or e-mail during the company’s working hours.
5. The user confirms that he/she accepts the electronic communication as equivalent to the information transmitted on paper or verbally on the telephone.
6. By clicking on the “Finalize Order” button, the user performs an action that represents a willful commitment binding on him/her with the power of the contract – he/she (the user) and PLUSHENIIGRACHKI.BG Ltd., respectively, under the conditions described in this document and the rules of the Consumer Protection Act and Trading Rules.
1. Goods ordered from amek-toys.com are shipped via the express delivery service of ECONT courier company, to the address or office listed in the “Delivery Information” column.
2. After sending the order, a PLUSHENIIGRACHKI.BG’s consultant connects the user by telephone or e-mail, during the company’s working hours, to confirm, refuse or change the chosen items, address and date of delivery.
3. Delivery methods are within the next business day.
4. The costs of transporting the goods and the amount of the charge shall be borne by the consumer.
5. The user will automatically receive an information about the status of the order on the e-mail he/she has specified.
6. Payment methods are:
Cash on Delivery (done by cash on delivery)
7. The cost of delivery is determined by the total weight of the ordered goods.

Order weight Delivery cost
0-1 kg BGN 3.00
1-2 kg BGN 3.96
2-5 kg BGN 5.16
5-8 kg BGN 7.08
8-10 kg BGN 8.64
10-13 kg BGN 9.84
13-15 kg BGN 10.68
15-20 kg BGN 11.88

For information on the delivery cost of a parcel over 20 kg. you can contact our consultants from the list of contacts!
The prices listed in the table are VAT inclusive but do not include a COD fee of 2% of the order amount and are paid to the courier upon delivery.
You can place an order by calling 0899 989 367 or by visiting in the showroom of our central warehouse:
41A, Karlovska Str.
Industrial Zone
Plovdiv 4000
Working time:
Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 09:00– 14:30
Sunday: day-off
Orders over the telephone are accepted:
Monday to Friday: 09:00-17:00
Saturday: 09:00-10:30
Sunday: day-off
Under the Consumer Protection Law and Trading Rules, the consumer is entitled to a reclamation in case of:
identified shortcomings
product defects
inconsistency with the stated size
inconsistency with the ordered goods
The reclamation shall be made within five working days of receipt of the goods.
The consumer may claim for:
refund of the amount paid
replacement of the item with a new one
bearfactory.com, the online store of PLUSHENIIGRACHKI.BG Ltd., is not responsible for the exhaustion of quantities of given items, as well as in case of delay of the shipment by the courier company. If you are unable to provide the item you want, or if the order is delayed, you will be informed by telephone or e-mail, if possible you will be offered alternative items.
Within 7 days of receiving the goods, the customer has the right to return or replace it, as the following conditions are met:
Good commercial appearance (the product is not torn, scratched, washed, ironed)
There are no malfunctions caused by improper use
Preserved original packaging, consumables and accessories, if included (the transport costs for the return of goods are at the expense of the customer)
Goods with Personalized items (inscription, embroidery, or print) are considered as individual orders and are not subject to return or replacement, unless one of the factors required for a claim is found.
In order to comply with Art. 53 of the Consumer Protection Act, payments of goods to PLUSHENIIGRACHKI.BG Ltd. shall not be made in advance, but before the expiration of the 7-day period in which you can cancel the contract (the order), the amount paid by you shall be considered as a deposit (complying with Art. 93 of the CPA).
In the event that due to changes in the law or for any other reason, any provision of the General Terms and Conditions cannot be applied, the relations between the parties shall be governed by the provisions of the applicable legislation and the established commercial practices and customs.
All disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions will be referred to the Arbitration Court at the Economic Association of Plovdiv in accordance with its Rules of Procedure on cases based on arbitration agreements. The arbitration fee, the costs for the Arbitration Court and the costs made by the parties shall be awarded to the parties as determined by the Arbitration Court.
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